Making Music Classes

Sylvia’s Music Studio is now offering a new class for pre-schoolers. We will explore music through singing, movement, listening etc. I am operating on this premise: Music comes from within the child.

Therefore, the spirit, mind and soul of the child is gently guided into self expression rather than rote movements assigned by the teacher. While I will teach basic direction/opposites/right-left my main focus is your child and helping him or her discover music as they discover how it makes them feel and therefore have a better understanding of WHO THEY ARE.  It is my belief that baroque, romantic and classical music is best for my approach. Although we will explore a few songs of other genres.

I invite your questions! Remember, all children are born with musical aptitude. It is a wise parent who provides nuturing settings for each child to explore music at an early age. And who better to discover music with…than mom or dad!
Hurry! 6 children per class. One parent must be present at all times. Multiple classes available. Time and date TBD based on interest.